At Doggie Day Camp we treat each dog as a part of the family. We will collect your dog from your allocated address and pop them in one of our securely crated vans to spend the day with us and their friends! 

We love to personalise your dog's day out, so if they have a favourite toy or activity or are working on some training, let us know and we will make sure we incorporate it into their day.

We also make sure that they get plenty of doggie interaction and socialisation, making friends and getting to know their canine pals while always being under the watchful eye of our day care team. We guarantee that your dog will return home safe, happy and tired after an excellent workout and will get lots of strokes and tummy rubs along the way. We always check that water bowls are full, wet dogs are towelled down and we can also follow any feeding or medication requests you might have.

Our DDC van enables us to collect your dog from most parts of Cardiff, so contact us and let us know where you are!

What to do next? Contact us by email and let us know what you require. This could be anything from length of walks or socialisation for your dog. Once we have received your email we will be in touch to arrange an introductory consultation at your convenience.

Alternatively, you can call the Bone Phone on 07595893781 to discuss our service in more detail. We are also happy to arrange a trial half day and give you some feedback on how your pooch did at day camp. Please do not continuously phone us as we are busy looking after lots of dogs throughout the day.

We now offer a new pet visit service - 5pm-7pm - Monday-Saturday - £10. Get in touch for more information!